Hi! I am a doctoral student at the Computer Graphics Laboratory (LGC), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and I am currently studying how to apply data visualization to neuroscience experiments in the non-human primate visual cortex. Read more about myself and the goals of this website in the About section.

This website is a sort of all-in-one solution to the following needs:

  • Showcasing my expertise to fellow researchers and likely employers (see Curriculum and Publications)
  • Sharing and discussing knowledge with fellow researchers and programmers about various topics (see Notes and Archives)
  • Building an open and ever-evolving personal knowledge base (see Notes)
  • Granting access to lecture materials to past and future students (see Teaching)

After all it’s so much easier to keep everything (up-to-date) in one single place.

Recent posts

  • 29 November - Generating a non-English dictionary for Vim spellchecking (with aspell)

    Vim is a superb text editor, if you’re willing to go down the rabbit’s hole. One of its interesting features is spell checking, the basics of which are covered in many tutorials out there (and, of course, in the built-in help command through :help spell, if you’re feeling geekier). In this post, I’m solely concerned with the topic of generating a custom dictionary for spellchecking using a non-English language, say, Brazilian Portuguese (usually represented by the pt_BR localized language code [1]).

  • 07 October - Closing files without handles (POSIX)

    I recently found my self having to close a sizeable number of files after loosing the corresponding file objects (those you get with open(), for instance). This post tells the short tale of how I became slightly more enlightened on POSIX-compliant file access in Python… and how I managed to close the files, of course.