Here you’ll find some of the open-source projects I have authored/contributed to. I prefer to keep my repositories in Gitlab, rather than the most popular Github for practical and historical reasons: Gitlab provides a powerful all-in-one Devops solution, known as Gitlab CI; and it used to provide free private repositories, while Github only started doing so in 2019 [1].





  • hand-tracking – the code for my M.Sc. thesis, a Particle Swarm Optimization-based human hand tracker that uses RGB-D frames from a Kinect camera to track a 26-degree of freedom performing hand. Uses C++ 11 and CUDA 7.5.


  • python-app – template Python application, featuring automatic code styling, testing, documentation deploys, and other Devops facilities.
  • python-scibench – template Python package for scientific projects, based on python-app, that also includes support for Jupyter notebooks and a variety of scientific Python packages and tasks out of the box.


  • python-pre-commit – a set of Python-based pre-commit hooks for automating common checks when committing code in Git repositories.
  • sphinx-thesis – extension plugin for Python’s documentation system (Sphinx) that allows to write academic documents/documentation, including documented experimental notebooks, theses, and papers.


Coming soon…